Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gods and Rabbit's Feet

I am guilty of being trite,
As am I at fault for sporting shotty rhetoric
Or spending my breath on idol flattery
     Or empty praise.
But there's a frequency I've found
Spinning on my local airwaves
That has turned my trust from truth and reason
And shot me out to search
For the rare abstraction of form
Found in the very tactile moment, after conversation,
When one realizes silence has fallen.

My father was always perfectly empirical.
He never believed in ghosts or rabbit's feet,
But I have bought the superstition
     That this won't end well.
I have invested my future in the fall of bones
Whose earth bound course will be the cause
     Of countless arcane musings.

Here, caught between binary code and bibles,
In the generation that got used to school shootings,
I've preoccupied my concious pulse
With the games of gods and men,
To find the secret words
That tell the facts about the after of everything.


  1. Ah, Will, this one makes me THINK! How can you do that to your mother? Ha Ha. I love the reflection in the second, the rawness of this is kind of like a "I don't give a damn" confession. (and then again, I may be way off) Good to see you here at dVerse :)

  2. hey - welcome at dVerse.. you're margaret's son..? very cool... and very cool piece you brought to the table as well... I have invested my future in the fall of bones...dang... tightly penned...caught in an age between binary codes and bibles and finding a way to make sense of it..? the facts about the after of everything... nice..and i wonder how much we will manage to decipher in the end..

  3. yeah, i know that feeling... and all you can do is whistle some old tune you barely remember because, well, because that's what you do.

    or maybe i'm wrong, anyway, this was fun to read, great sound and rhythm

  4. 'trite' only exists in the eyes of the [ incompetent] beholder.
    No worries there.
    This is intricately woven, shot through with silver threads in a very modern design. And I for one, hope that at any age, you never will [grow up :-)]

  5. I have invested my future in the fall of bones
    Whose earth bound course will be the cause
    Of countless arcane musings.

    really tight writing all the way through, but that set of lines just exploded off the page to me....between the binary code and the bible, what a tension in cultures eh?

  6. ...i feel the sentiments of having to live in a generation where all aim to steal the tag of 'GOD'... eversince society is cruel...and today it even goes beyond the limit of cruelty.... we have the scariest world at the scariest time where all are anticipated to be strong & brave but gets weaker & fragile time after time... smiles... i enjoyed this piece & that thing you call 'title'... smiles...

  7. love this..the wondering and searching of the not so easily discernible for the answers so beautifully expressed

  8. A lot of territory covered in this poem, and I think it is good here; however this is also an important poem and I think you might consider it deeper. The opening suggests it could hold this content with perhaps a looser, more symbolic form. It's your voice and your decision but I think you can strengthen this poem into something quite excellent.

  9. I truly believe the mysteries of the Universe are ALL in stories..paragraphs..words..letter...and numbers2..and three and 4 and whatever5...may bring...as WELL AS ALL...IS..IT..AS IS..AS ALL...ASONENOWforevermore...

  10. ...And WILL TRUE fore..everNOW...