Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Cry for Kindred Wings

As the majestic eagle loves his air,
Climbing, twisting, up his wispy stair,
Mocking Icarus’s too-soft wings,
For power holds the raptor o’er grandiose things,
Most a splendor, ardent in his realm,
As the captain at his galley’s helm
Is one with the sea,
Do I long to be.
I would have join me now a kindred soul,
One forged in the same heart-fires, o’er crippled Vulcan’s coal,
One who in the mold, so malleable
They matched my form, quite unbelievable.
But rather than by limbs, I would be wrought, as was his heart,
By scorn from woman loved, so as to start
A passionate, burning melancholy
Transcendent of society,
So to live, as if by freedom’s feathers,
And fly the sun, no melted wax, as brothers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Starlets, Sung

So sweet, I see soft starlets
Where instead your eyes should rest.
So light, your gentle hair,
When let fall, your neck caress.
So hearts, by any sense,
Should pound as mine.
So know, I will let my soul
Soar, and betray my mind.