Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Cry for Kindred Wings

As the majestic eagle loves his air,
Climbing, twisting, up his wispy stair,
Mocking Icarus’s too-soft wings,
For power holds the raptor o’er grandiose things,
Most a splendor, ardent in his realm,
As the captain at his galley’s helm
Is one with the sea,
Do I long to be.
I would have join me now a kindred soul,
One forged in the same heart-fires, o’er crippled Vulcan’s coal,
One who in the mold, so malleable
They matched my form, quite unbelievable.
But rather than by limbs, I would be wrought, as was his heart,
By scorn from woman loved, so as to start
A passionate, burning melancholy
Transcendent of society,
So to live, as if by freedom’s feathers,
And fly the sun, no melted wax, as brothers.


  1. Really wish I could see you recite this for the cabaret. I know you will be splendid.

  2. Dear Will,
    Interesting work links between you, a Greek myth, and the present or reality. Keep up!
    Kind regards, Sadami