Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Starlets, Sung

So sweet, I see soft starlets
Where instead your eyes should rest.
So light, your gentle hair,
When let fall, your neck caress.
So hearts, by any sense,
Should pound as mine.
So know, I will let my soul
Soar, and betray my mind.


  1. I do believe you possess the same intense talent as Shakespeare. It is such a rare gift and one that will honor many lives... continue writing. I love reading your work.

  2. That is a critique to last you a lifetime, Will. One I know you will hold dear to your heart!

  3. haha thank you so much Laurie! I do intend to keep writing. I actually have two plays that I'm working on. They are in their preliminary stages. Planning and such. I don't intend them to be particularly shakespearian in their style, but I might post bits of them here anyway.